How to Record a Good Chatline Greeting Message

What is a chat line greeting?

A chat line greeting is a recorded greeting or introductory message that serves as your profile within the chat lines. It also marks you presence within the system.

This recording is what other callers would hear about you as they browse through the greetings of the other local callers. For this reason, it is important that you record a catchy, descriptive and interesting chat line greeting.

What are you supposed to say in your chat line greeting?

Basically, you can mention two important points; first, what you’re looking for in a chat partner and second, the type of personality that you have.

chat lines greetings

It is important that you record a short and concise chat line greeting – one that represents your purpose for calling the chat lines. You don’t have to use your real name. Instead, you can choose any name that you like or an alias for that matter.

You can start by saying that you’re looking for a sensitive person whom you can talk to about love and life in general (anything under the sun), someone who’s interested to engage in romantic or erotic topics or someone who shares your passion with sports, the great outdoors or physical fitness.

You can mention that you’re an athletic or outgoing person who loves pets and animals, or someone who’s career-oriented and believes in destiny. Basically, you can be as creative and as descriptive as you want – you can even play pretend!

The main idea is to come up with something catchy and interesting enough to capture the attention of other local callers.

Here are some tips on how to record a good chat line greeting;

Record in a quiet room that’s free from distractions and external noise
Be confident. You only have a few seconds to introduce yourself so you might as well create a good first impression Speak clearly and don’t stutter Infuse a bit of mystery to capture the interest of other callers (you may use a provocative voice or give subtle hints about the exciting things you can offer)
Create a suitable recording.

If you’re recording for a chat line that promotes phone sex, try to sound sexy and suggestive; and if it’s a chat line that promotes friendship and romance, try to sound decent, casual or pleasant.
Keep it short. Short introductions make the most impact. Therefore, it’s best to keep it short while making every second count.