About us

Greetings to all my site visitors! 

I would like to introduce myself as Shady Cove; I’m 32 years old and an I.T specialist from Tampa, Florida. I would like to describe myself as sociable, athletic and career-oriented.

I’ve been single for over a year now and this allowed me to travel to different places on my own, spend a lot of time with my friends and family, and engage in a lot of outdoor activities.

I’m also committed to my job which actually gives me a sense of fulfillment. So yes, you can say that I currently have the best of both worlds. 

Going back to over a year ago, I was in a relationship with someone who was introduced to me by a co-worker. What seemed like a dream ended up as a disaster when I caught her cheating with a married man. My prior relationships weren’t any better either.

So, needless to say, I decided to go solo and stay single for the moment after having all these disastrous relationships. It was actually a good thing because I had the chance to focus on my career, do the things I’ve always wanted to do and enjoy the company of different women through the chat lines. 

Calling the chat lines made a huge difference in my life. I had the pleasure of talking to different local singles and it was fun. Some conversations were warm and friendly while some can effortlessly turn hot and steamy in an instant.

I even tried having an online relationship through the chat lines and it gave me something to look forward to everyday. There was no pressure, no strings attached and no demands. Still, I got to enjoy somebody’s company whenever I needed someone to talk to. We never had the chance to meet personally but it was good while it lasted.

The reason why I created this website is to encourage other singles, especially those who had been through failed relationships, to enjoy what technology can offer us these days.

Chat lines offer fun and exciting ways to connect and interact with other singles without going through a lot of trouble. We can all enjoy meaningful conversations and even find lasting friendships and romance. 

Needless to say, chat lines had offered me an innovative way to socialize by defying the conventional means; and the opportunity came to me right when I needed it the most.

Having said that, allow me to share with you what you need to know about the chat lines and how you can get the best experience out of every call. I hope that I would be able to impart useful information to help you get started. 

All the best and cheers to all of us embracing the single life!