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Business Listings Local Shady Cove Business Phone Number
Alarm & Security Services
ADT, LLC No 561-322-4878
Tcko Integrated Security, LLC No 561-981-4595
Animal Care
A Dogs Life Pet Spa Yes 541-538-1298
Grooming by Amanda Lynn Yes 541-538-1298
Leslie with A Dog's Life Pet Spa Yes 541-878-2885
Antiques and Collectibles
Sweets & Antiques in the Attic


Shady Kate's Boutique Yes 541-821-2120
Quail Run Apts-Senior Residence Yes 541-878-7444
Automotive Repair & Parts 
Dick's Towing No 541-772-4040
Lee Clark's Mobile RV Repair No 541-778-3990
Morse Motors and Fabrication Yes 541-778-5100
Safelite Autoglass #4260 No 614-210-9309
Shady Cove Auto Body & Restorations Yes 541-878-3464
Shady Cove Automotive Service         Yes 541-878-2262
Shady Cove Napa  Yes 541-878-2110
Table Rock Tire Yes 541-878-4855
Upper Rogue Auto Care Yes 541-878-3033
JP Morgan Chase Bank    Yes 541-878-2288
Bars & Grills
Eagle's Nest Saloon Yes 541-878-2111
Lucky's II Yes 541-301-1734
Shy's Lounge Yes 541-878-2420
Barbers/Beauty Salons
Barber Lady                                        Yes 541-878-3660
Charla's Family  Barbershop Yes 541-830-5683
Fantasia Salon, LLC                                    Yes 541-878-7644
Reflections Yes 541-878-7812
The Men’s Room Yes 541-821-5419
Vintage Rose Salon Yes 541-878-8042
Book Dealers-Retail
Books-N-More Yes 541-878-9402
Campgrounds& RV Parks
Fly Casters RV Park Yes 541-878-2749
Rogue River RV Park Yes 541-878-2404
Carpet & Upholstery Services
A Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning No 541-951-8798
Dan the Carpet Man (Installer) Yes 541-878-2722
Dave's Wholesale Flooring (Installer) No 541-779-2922
Golden Rule Carpet (Carpet Cleaning and Restoration) No 541-770-8082
John's Carpet & Upholstery Service Yes 541-878-4343
High Tech Cleaning, Inc. No 541-261-0397
Service Master of Medford No 541-773-9559
Stanley Steemer of Southern Oregon No 541-779-0828
Superior Carpet Service, Inc. (Installer) No 541-821-0633
Car Wash
J Bird, LLC Yes 541-878-3603
El Senor Gringo No 562-505-6367
Paige Harrison-Hostess Yes 541-821-0459
Troleekorn Gourmet Popcorn Yes 541-531-3586
Little Monkeys, LLC Yes 541-973-4548
Tree of Life, The Learning Ladder, LLC Yes 541-890-7393
Shady Cove Chiropractic Yes 541-878-3603
Assembly of God Church Shady Cove Yes 541-878-2834
Christian Church of Shady Cove Yes 541-878-3277
Dependence Baptist Church Yes 541-951-7146
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall Yes 541-878-3977
Our Lady of Fatima Yes 541-878-2479
St. Martins Episcopal Church Yes 541-878-2166
Trail Christian Fellowship No 541-878-3501
Upper Rogue United Methodist Church Yes 541-878-2793
Clothing Consignment Shops
Passion for Fashion Consignments Yes 541-890-6686
Coffee Shops
Brewed Awakenings Yes 541-601-6415
Commercial Property Management
RKR Properties Yes 541-878-2662
Computer Services/Networking
ComputerNiks, Inc.-Software                    Yes 541-878-2013
M & M Productions Yes 541-951-6346
Rivertech Computer Services Yes 541-951-6345
A A Insulation Co. No 541-535-1818
Action Electric, LLC No 541-415-1081
Adair Homes No 541-879-0610
Air Temp (HVAC) No 541-826-2682
Baumer Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC No 541-951-1449
Belfor USA Group No 541-664-5454
Bill Littlefield Construction Yes 541-821-0694
Braden Battles Construction No 541-826-9772
Christian Shannon Enterprises No 541-761-5759
Camps Pumping Yes 541-973-7243
Claudio Alvarez Construction, Inc. No 541-727-7340
Clevaland Clayton Construction No 541-324-1770
Copeland Construction, LLC No 541-826-2314
Corey Robbins Painting No 541-770-5275
Crater Electric, Inc. No 541-855-7042
Cross Brothers, Inc. No 541-688-2042
Dalco Electrical Contractors No 541-951-9141
Doug Gillette Plumbing No 541-218-2464
E J Cash Construction No 541-773-5413
Eric's Electrical Service No 541-665-2865
Fields Construction No 541-944-2173
Funston Construction No 541-210-2428
Gale Contractor Services No 541-664-6125
Green Hammer, Inc. No 503-804-1746
Gifford Homes, LLC No 541-951-4429
Jahnke Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. No 541-535-4470
Jessie Govenor Construction Yes 541-601-7709
J.M. Construction Yes 541-878-7810
Jon Derhammer Construction Yes 541-878-2495
Kaylor Electric, LLC No 541-535-2600
Kennedy Fuel Co. (HVAC) No 541-779-1515
Knife River No 541-770-2960
KOGAP Enterprises, Inc. (Electrical Contractor & Excavation) No 541-776-6547
LLAD,Inc. No 541-772-8271
Long's Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC No 541-301-3305
Lonnie Lee Homes Yes 541-944-8626
McMurray & Son's, Inc. No 541-779-9334
Metal Masters, Inc. (HVAC) No 541-779-1049
Michael Fazio Construction Yes 541-601-1586
Nailwaker Construction No 541-951-8964
Nathan Perry Heating & Air (HVAC) Yes 541-826-2194
National Heating & Air Conditioning Sales & Service (HVAC) No 541-535-4687
Next Level Stair, LLC Yes 541-531-8949
NPL Construction, Co., Inc. (Infrastructure Services) No 541-690-1845
Oregon Roots Electric, LLC No 541-821-9039
PennerBuilt Construction No 541-531-2414
Penny Lane Construction Yes 541-531-1667
Premier Classic Homes, Inc. No 541-944-7479
Portland Engineering, Inc. (Engineering Contractor) No 541-664-6200
Quality Fence Company (Fence Contractor) No 541-664-2281
Randy's Plumbing, Inc. No 541-535-3322
Rogue Valley Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) No 541-476-3211
Rogue Valley Roofing Co. (Roofing Contractor) No 541-776-6620
Ryan Thompson Construction Yes 541-890-4304
SEFNCO Communications, Inc. (Electrical Contractor) No 877-385-2903
Servpro Water & Fire Restoration No 541-773-3740
Shipley & Shipley, LLC (HVAC) No 541-944-5653
Southern Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) No 541-773-8733
Southern Oregon Installation & Weatherization No 541-476-1101
Spring Air, Inc. No 541-899-3155
Stout Building Contractors, LLC No 801-296-2150
Tony Lee Construction Yes 541-878-2426
The Galli Group No 541-955-1611
Todd Mills Construction, LLC No 541-944-2422
True South Solar No 541-816-0224
Tyler N. Charbonneau Construction Yes 541-538-9221
Wally Schmidt Electric (Electrical Contractor) No 541-479-8016
Welburn Electric, Inc. No 541-535-3727
Winters Electric, LLC No 541-664-4505
ZZ Electric, LLC No 541-951-5069
Counseling/Consulting Services
G J Lee Consulting & Investments Yes 541-878-4660
TNT Design & Drafting Yes 541-821-0698
CPR & First Aid Training
First Response First Aid & CPR Training, LLC Yes 541-821-1362
Southern Oregon CPR & First Aid Yes 541-890-4565
 Picnic Basket Delicatessen Yes 541-878-4003
Delivery Service
Avalanche Ice, LLC No 541-531-6789
Gatewood Shopping Delivery Services No 541-973-7749
Shady Cove Family Dentistry, LLC Yes 541-878-2115
Andrest Performance Yes 541-878-2146
Equipment Rentals
Shady Cove Hardware Yes 541-878-4960
Excavating Contractors/ Rock Reduction
Danny Bryd Trucking No 541-878-4260
Larry Thompson Excavation Yes 541-878-4640
Rawhide Excavation No 541-878-3144
Top Rock Trucking, LLC No 541-830-1162
Western Rock Reduction Yes 541-878-2063
Fishing Guides
The Fishin' Hole Yes 541-878-4000
Fitness and Health Programs
Inner Wisdom Yoga Yes 541-324-0844
Heather Cove Florists-Gifts Yes 541-878-3777
Fuel Distributor
Blue Star Gas-Medford Co. No 541-826-8683
Ferrellgas LP No 541-826-4664
Medford Fuel No 541-773-7311
Suburban Propane No 541-772-5101
Garage Door Services
All Garage Doors & Openers, Inc. No 541-773-2228
Gas & Wood Store Installers
Oregon Heating & Repair, Inc. No 541-772-4252
Gift Shops
Blue Heron Gift Shop Yes 541-878-4003
Heather Cove Gifts Yes 541-878-3777
Shady Kate's Boutique Yes 541-821-2120
The Oreganic Shoppe, LLC Yes 541-690-6334
Gourmet Foods
Trolleekorn Gourmet Popcorn Yes 541-531-3586
M & M Productions Yes 541-951-6346
CW Gunsmithing Yes 541-601-1605
Hardware Stores/Rental Equipment
Shady Cove Hardware Yes 541-878-4960
Health Services
Mobile Massage Yes 541-864-9808
Everything But the Dishes No 541-301-4552
Perfection Cleaning Yes 541-621-7456
Morse Rentals, LLC/Busy Beaver Motel Yes 541-878-2121
Edgewater Inn Motel Yes 541-878-3171
Maple Leaf Motel Yes 541-878-2169
Prospect Historic Hotel Yes 541-560-3664
Royal Coachman Motel, Inc Yes 541-878-2481
Ice Delivery Services
Avalanche Ice, LLC No 541-531-6789
Janitorial Services
American Linen No 541-779-3711
Aramark Uniform Services No 541-826-1683
Cintas Corporation  No 541-826-8899
Crystal Clean No 541-301-8787
Landscaping & Supplies
City of Shady Cove Licensed Landscape Maintenance & Contractors
Alternate Energy Services No 541-826-7570
Asure Cut Yes 541-630-0077
B & B Fire Suppression, LLC No 541-951-5596
Brushmaster Yes 541-821-2335
Crater Landscape Management No 541-951-3636
Genesis Landscape Maintenance No 541-826-1376
Ground Control Southern Oregon, LLC No 541-776-2275
Jack of All Trades Yes 541-621-9762
MF Products & Services No 541-770-0232
Miranda Landscaping No 541-531-1117
Monkey Business Landscape & Maintenance No 541-973-8207
Nando's Yard Maintenance No 541-941-2215
ProLawn Services, Inc. No 541-779-1964
Ricky Williams No 541-973-6613
Scott Walter Landscape Maintenance No 541-690-9934
TruGreen Chemlawn No 541-858-8990
Villa's Landscaping Maintenance No 541-973-5140
Wilson Yard Maintenance No 541-821-5216
Chaparral LLC Laundromat Yes N/A
Shady Cove Library Yes 541-878-2270
Manufactured Home Contractors
Crown Homes, Inc. No 541-830-0629
Holton Creek Construction,Inc. No 541-535-4151
Manufacturers/Machine Shops
EM Design Yes 541-878-3927
TC Technologies LLC Yes 541-878-3600
62 Marketplace Yes 541-878-3623
Shady Cove Market, Inc. 541-878-2121
Schoenfeld-Massage Therapist Yes 541-878-7644
Medical Clinics & Services
Mota Laboratories Yes 323-632-7277
Shady Cove Clinic Yes 541-878-2022
Medical Marijuana Facilities
Kush Gardens Yes 541-878-3133
La Mota 5, LLC No 503-901-6559
Mental Health/Psychiatric Services
Optimal Behavioral Health Yes 541-864-0306
Mini Storage
Indian Creek Mini Storage Yes 541-878-2863
J-Bird,LLC Yes 541-878-4809
Secure Place- Mini Storage No 760-716-7083
Shady Cove Mini Storage, LLC Yes 541-878-8333
Jerry's Vehicle Storage Yes 541-878-2661
Mobile Home Parks
Leisure Days Mobile Home Park Yes 541-951-6953
Paradise Mobile Home Community Yes 541-482-8487
Rogue Meadows/Paradise ll Yes 541-730-1222
Shady Acres Mobile Home Park Yes 541-878-3376
Shady Cove Mobile Home Park Yes 541-878-4477
Nurse Practitioners 
Kelly Clayton, FNP, Inc. Yes 541-878-3537
Paving Contractor Services
Arlie's Trucking No 541-826-8243
Grabowski Paving No 541-601-3906
Mountain View Paving No 541-772-2206
Pacific Paving, Inc. No 541-772-4616
Rodriguez Seal Coating No 541-821-4080
Pest Control Services
Alpha Ecological Pest Control No 360-885-4000
Arbon's Pest Solutions No 541-858-2847
Shady Cove Pharmacy Yes 541-878-3151
M & M Productions Yes 541-951-6346
Physical Therapy
Upper Rogue Physical Therapy 541-941-5170
Accurate Plumbing Solutions, Inc. No 541-773-3035
Advance Plumbing Co. Yes 541-878-2283
Advantage Plumbing & Mechanical No 541-772-5114
API Plumbing, Inc. No 541-664-2681
Artoff Plumbing, Inc. No 541-582-0853
Ashland-Medford Plumbing No 541-734-3236
Curtius Huntley Plumbing, Inc. No 541-857-8988
Drain Pros No 541-734-9000
Mr. Rooter Plumbing No 541-476-8216
Spartan Plumbing No 541-601-9928
Pool & Spa Companies
Adriane G Eek Pool & Spa Cleaning Yes 541-878-4335
Lonny Harris Pool & Spa Repair Service No 541-941-0005
Stan's Spa Repair Yes 541-840-0522
Professional Services
Carollo Engineers, Inc. No 602-263-9500
InfoLINCS,LLC Yes 541-878-2600
Richard Brewster, CPA No 541-773-1885
Property Management
CPM Real Estate Services, Inc. No 541-773-6400
J & L Moore Property Management, LLC No 541-664-3187
MVP Properties, LLC No 541-779-5311
R.F. Vaughn Realty, Inc. Yes 541-878-4809
Quality Property Management No 541-776-7674
Sterling West Property Management No 541-779-3615
Pump Services
Affordable Pump Service, Inc Yes 541-878-0947
Desert Pump Co., Inc. No 541-826-3136
Granger's Pump Service Yes 541-878-2544
Hydro-Flow, Inc. No 541-772-4453
Rafting Companies
The Fishin' Hole Yes 541-878-4000
Raft Rite Rentals Yes 541-878-4005
Rapid Pleasure Raft Rental Yes 541-878-2500 or 541-878-2585
Raft the Rogue Raft Rentals 541-878-3623
Real Estate
R.F. Vaughn Realty, Inc. Yes 541-878-4809
Windermere Trails End Yes 541-878-2249
Repair Service
WRT Tool Repair No 541-621-5972
Bison Ranch Foods Yes 845-263-9694
Hot Dog Heaven Yes 541-878-3299
Jeffro's Grill (located at the Shady Cove Market) Yes 541-951-8363
Ma's Chinese Restaurant Yes 541-878-3094
Mac's Diner Yes 541-878-7303
Miguel's II Yes 541-878-9435
Pizza at the Cove Yes 541-878-1474
Phil's Frosty Yes 541-878-2509
Rogue River Lodge No 541-878-2555
Shady Cove Subway Yes 541-878-3663
Shy's Café & Lounge Yes 541-878-2777
Retail Sales
Acme Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. No 541-770-4050
62 Market Place Yes 541-878-2773
Crater Music Co. No 541-772-5445
Dollar General Store Yes 541-878-2002
Farmgirl Chick Yes 541-878-2542
Fun In The Sun Yes 541-890-4655
Greenhouses by Bruce Yes 541-630-0077
Kelley Green Organics Yes 541-201-0808
L & C Garden No 541-784-9263
Lorraine Stone Yes 541-415-4020
Machado's, Etc. Yes 541-878-3030
Rogue Underground Glass Yes 541-878-3930
Shady Gardener Yes 541-878-1444
Smoke on the Rogue Yes 541-821-5766
The Shed Guys No 541-779-7433
Rod Repair & Sales
Oregon Custom Rods Yes 541-878-3499
Roofing Companies
Evergreen Roofing, Inc. No 541-826-5869
D N D Porta Potties No 541-471-6226
Southern Oregon Sanitation, Inc. No 541-826-5691
Stewards Porta Potties No 541-560-3793
Saw Shop
Lee's Saw Sharp Yes 541-821-2420
Shady Cove Elementary School Yes 541-878-1400
Shady Cove Middle School Yes 541-878-1400
Second Hand/Thrift Stores
Upper Rogue Community Center Thrift Shop Yes 541-878-4990
Golden Nozzle Spray Wash No 541-331-9285
Service Stations
Chevron of Shady Cove Yes 541-878-8555
Shady Cove Valero & Country Store Yes 541-878-2442
Upper Rogue 76 Yes 541-878-2740
Bary Kaiser Surveying, Inc. No 541-878-3995
Faber & Sons, Inc. No 541-664-5599
Taxidermy Services
Taxidermy Plus Yes 541-771-8229
Tel Com Services
Linkus Enterprises No 530-229-9197
Nail Communications, LLC No 360-761-1161
Tire Dealers Yes
Table Rock Tires Yes 541-878-4855
Traffic Control
NBC Traffic Control No 541-690-1845
Transportation Companies
Lone Wolf Shuttle and Taxi Yes 541-621-8181
Metro Medical, LLC No 541-773-6665
Shady Cove Taxi


Travel Companies No 425-679-7200
Engencia, LLC No 425-679-7200, LP No 425-679-7200
Travelscape, LLC No 425-679-7200
Tree Consultants  425-679-7200
Weyerhaeuser Company Yes 541-227-5651
Southern Oregon Tree Care No 541-772-0404
Truck Services
Shady Cove Customs, LLC Yes 541-878-3530
Vacation Rentals
Cottage on the Rogue Yes 541-531-3596
Donald Maberry & Nancy Siqueros Yes 310-376-1145
Eagles Roost at Steelhead Ranch Yes 541-878-3315
Rogue Waterfront No 559-683-5039
Shady Cove Riverhouse Yes 925-683-7437
Suzanne Falces Yes 415-264-6280
Water Delivery Services
Crystal Fresh Bottled Water No 541-474-0801
Got Water Delivery Service, LLC No 541-821-6631
Ultra Pure Water, Inc. No 541-734-0828
Website Developers
M & M Productions          Yes 541-951-6346
Well Drilling
Clouser Drilling, Inc. No 541-476-7795
Southern Oregon Well Drilling No 541-621-0081
Wholesale Distributors
Boyd Coffee Company No 503-907-2569
Canon Solutions America, Inc. No 609-239-6480
Coca Cola Bottling Company No 541-773-5353
Columbia Distributing No 541-773-4641
Farmer Bros. Co. No 541-787-5234
Frito Lay, Inc. No 972-334-7000
Pepsi Cola No 541-858-7086
Reddy Ice Holdings, Inc. No 541-772-6219
Schwan's Home Service, Inc. No 507-532-3274
Sysco Portland, Inc. No 503-682-4855
Umpqua Dairy Products Co. No 541-672-2638
Western Beverage Company, LLC No 541-779-2751
W. A. Whitelaw Wholesale No 541-772-9261
Franz Family Bakeries No 541-485-8211
Window Cleaning Services
Affordable Window Cleaning No 541-772-5252
Window & Door Services
Mountain View Window & Door No 541-772-2272
Crater Lake Cellars Yes 541-878-4200
Yard Maintenance
Osorio's Yard & Garden Care No 541-951-8555