Shady Cove Business Licenses

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We are in the process of updating all this list.  If you have paid for a Shady Cove business license and you are not on the list at the moment, you will be shortly.  Thank you for your patience and support.

Business Listings Local Shady Cove Business Phone Number
Alarm & Security Services
ADT, LLC No 561-322-4878
Antiques and Collectibles
In the Attic


Shady Kate's Boutique Yes 541-821-2120
The Stop Yes 541-878-2637
Quail Run Apts-Senior Residence Yes 541-878-7444
Architect & Design
TNT Design & Drafting Yes 541-821-0698
Auto Body Repair
Shady Cove Auto Body & Muffler Yes 541-690-7985
Auto Detailing
Spit Shine Auto Detailing Yes 541-621-7960
Automotive Repair & Parts 
European Auto Yes 541-878-3377
JM Northwest, Inc. No 541-772-4040
Lee Clark's Mobile RV Repair No 541-778-3990
Oregon Custom Rods Yes 541-878-3499
Shady Cove Automotive Service         Yes 541-878-2262
Shady Cove Napa Smart Parts, Inc. Yes 541-878-2110
Table Rock Tire Yes 541-878-4855
Upper Rogue Auto Care Yes 541-878-3033
JP Morgan Chase   Bank    Yes 541-878-2288
Bars & Grills
Eagle's Nest Saloon Yes 541-878-2111
Shy's Lounge Yes 541-878-2420
Barbers/Beauty Salons
Barber Lady                                        Yes 541-878-8000
Charla's Barbershop Yes 541-830-5683
Emerald Feather-Amber Hulstine-Stylist Yes 541-878-7644
Fantasia Salon                                    Yes 541-878-7644
Reflections Yes 541-878-7812
The Men’s Room Yes 530-320-0985
Vintage Rose Salon Yes 541-878-8042
Book Dealers-Retail
Book-N-More Yes 541-878-9402
Campgrounds& RV Parks
Fly Casters RV Park Yes 541-878-2749
Rogue River RV Park Yes 541-878-2404
Carpet & upholstery
A Guaranteed Carpet Cleaning No 541-951-8798
Dan the Carpet Man (Installer) Yes 541-878-2722
Dave's Wholesale Flooring (Installer) No 541-779-2922
Golden Rule Carpet No 541-770-8032
John's Carpet & Upholstery Service Yes 541-878-4343
High Tech Cleaning, Inc. No 541-261-0397
Car Wash
J Bird, LLC Yes 541-878-3603
Paige Harrison-Hostess Yes 541-821-0459
Tree of Life, The Learning Ladder, LLC Yes 541-890-7393
Shady Cove Chiropractic Yes 541-878-3603
Assembly of God Church Shady Cove Yes 541-878-2834
Christian Church of Shady Cove Yes 541-878-3277
Dependence Baptist Church Yes 541-951-7146
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall Yes 541-878-3977
Our Lady of Fatima Yes 541-878-2479
St. Martins Episcopal Church Yes 541-878-2166
Trail Christian Fellowship No 541-878-3501
Upper Rogue United Methodist Church Yes 541-878-2793
Clothing Consignment Shops
Passion for Fashion Consignments Yes 541-890-6686
Coffee Shops
Brewed Awakenings Yes 541-601-6415
Commercial Property Management
RKR Properties Yes 541-878-2662
Computer Services
Computer Niks-Software                    Yes 541-878-1447
M & M Productions Yes 541-951-6346
A A Insulation Co. No 541-535-1818
Action Electric, LLC No 541-415-1081
Adair Homes No 541-879-0610
Anthony Todd Byrd Construction Yes 541-261-0772
Air Temp (HVAC) No 541-826-2682
All Cities Drywall No 541-479-0772
Belfor USA Group No 541-664-5454
Bill Littlefield Construction Yes 541-821-0694
Brackett Built Construction No 541-621-3564
Braden Battles Construction No 541-826-9772
Builders Services Group, Inc. No 541-664-6125
Claudio Alvarez Construction, Inc. No 541-727-7340
Cleveland Clayton Construction No 541-324-1770
Copeland Construction, LLC No 541-826-2314
Crater Electic, Inc. No 541-855-7042
Dart Enterprises, Inc. No 541-673-3162
Dave's Handy Services No 541-840-2390
Douglas Bresette Construction Yes 541-878-7398
DWM Enterprises, Inc.-McMurray & Sons Energy Mgmt. No 541-476-1107
Funston Construction No 541-210-2428
Gifford Homes, LLC No 541-951-4429
Grants Pass Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) No 541-474-1545
J Street AC & Heat, LLC No 541-292-5744
J.M. Construction Yes 541-878-7810
Jessie Govenor Construction Yes 541-601-7709
John F. Thompson Construction Yes 541-326-3886
Jon Derhammer Construction Yes 541-878-2495
Kaylor Electric, LLC No 541-535-2600
Kennedy Fuel Co. (HVAC) No 541-779-1515
Kirkpatrick Construction No 541-660-8710
Knife River No 541-770-2960
KOGAP Enterprises, Inc. (Electrical Contractor) No 541-776-6547
LLAD,Inc. No 541-772-8271
Lonnie Lee Homes Yes 541-944-8626
Next Level Stair, LLC Yes 541-531-8949
Plum Creek Timberlands, Inc Yes 541-878-3302
Tony Lee Construction Yes 541-878-2426
Counseling/Consulting Services
G J Lee Consulting & Investments Yes 541-878-4660
KLARJOS,LLC Ameriprise Financial Yes 541-973-2891
Steelhead Ranch on the Rogue Yes 650-464-3315
CPR & First Aid Training
First Response First Aid & CPR Training, LLC Yes 541-821-1362
Southern Oregon CPR & First Aid Yes 541-890-4565
The Picnic Basket Delicatessen Yes 541-878-4003
Shady Cove Family Dentistry, LLC Yes 541-878-2115
Equipment Rentals
Shady Cove Hardware Yes 541-878-4960
Excavating Contractors/ Rock Reduction
Danny Bryd Trucking No 541-878-4260
Larry Thompson Excavation Yes 541-878-4640
Western Rock Reduction Yes 541-878-2063
Fire & Safety Services
ACME Fire & Safety, Inc. No 541-770-4050
Fishing Guides
The Fishin' Hole Yes 541-878-4000
Fitness and Health Programs
Inner Wisdom Yoga Yes 541-324-0844
TOPS Yes 541-878-8235
Heather Cove Florists-Gifts Yes 541-878-3777
Fuel Distributor
Blue Star Gas No 541-826-8683
Ferrellgas No 541-826-4664
Garage Door Services
All Garage Doors, Inc. No 541-773-2228
Superior Lawn & Garden Yes 541-973-4461
Gift Shops
Blue Heron Gift Shop Yes 541-878-4003
Heather Cove Gifts Yes 541-878-3777
Shady Kate's Boutique Yes 541-821-2120
Gourmet Foods
Mrs. Britts Oregon Kitchen Yes 541-878-4001
Trolleekorn Gourmet Popcorn Yes 541-531-3586
M & M Productions Yes 541-951-6346
Hardware Stores/Rental Equipment
Shady Cove Hardware Yes 541-878-4960
Dot's Housekeeping Yes 541-261-4031
Perfection Cleaning Yes 541-621-7456
Morse Rentals, LLC/Busy Beaver Motel Yes 541-878-2121
Edgewater Inn Yes 541-878-3171
Maple Leaf Motel Yes 541-878-2169
Prospect Historic Hotel Yes 541-560-3664
Royal Coachman Motel, Inc Yes 541-878-2481
Toni Mc Millan-Arnspiger Insurance Yes 541-261-0485
Janitorial Services
American Linen No 541-779-3711
Aramark Uniform Services No 541-826-1683
Cintas Corporation  No 541-826-8899
Crystal Clean No 541-301-8787
Landscaping & Supplies
City of Shady Cove Licensed Landscape Maintenance & Contractors
Advanced Landscape Group No 541-621-9460
Alternate Energy Services No 541-826-7570
Brian Bowles Landscape No 541-261-5416
Brushmaster Yes 541-821-2335
Crater Landscape Management No 541-951-3636
Gene Gelement Landscape Yes 541-951-0032
Genesis Landscape Maintenance No 541-826-1376
Chaparral LLC Laundromat Yes N/A
Law Enforcement / Emergency Planning – Consulting
Ed Mayer & Associates, LLC Yes 541-301-5274
Shady Cove Library Yes 541-878-2270
Manufactured Homes
Crown Homes, Inc. No 541-830-0629
Holton Creek Homes No 541-535-4151
Manufacturers/Machine Shops
EM Design Yes 541-878-3927
TC Technologies LLC Yes 541-878-3600
62 Marketplace Yes 541-878-3623
Shady Cove Select Market 541-878-2121
Shady Cove Massage Yes 541-951-0561
Medical Clinics
Shady Cove Clinic Yes 541-878-2022
Mental Health/Psychiatric Services
Optimal Behavioral Health Yes 541-864-0306
Mini Storage
Indian Creek Mini Storage Yes 541-878-2863
J-Bird Junction Yes 541-878-4809
Shady Cove Mini Storage, LLC Yes 541-878-8333
The Secure Place Mini Storage Yes 541-878-0998
Two "J"s Storage Yes 541-878-2661
Mobile Home Parks
Leisure Days Mobile Home Park Yes 541-951-6953
Paradise Mobile Home Community Yes 541-482-8487
Rogue Meadows/Paradise ll Yes 541-878-4401
Shady Acres MHP, LLC Yes N/A
Shady Cove Mobile Home Park Yes 541-878-4477
Nurse Practitioners 
Kelly Clayton, FNP, Inc. Yes 541-878-3537
Paving Contractor Services
Arlie's Trucking No 541-826-8243
Grabowski Paving No 541-601-3906
Pest Control Services
Alpha Ecological Pest Control No 360-885-4000
Pet Grooming & Supplies
River Dog's Groomery Yes 541-538-8573
Pet Sitting
Sitting by the Rogue Yes 541-324-8321
Shady Cove Pharmacy Yes 541-878-3151
Lyn Carter Natural Photography Yes 541-531-7562
M & M Productions Yes 541-951-6346
Physical Therapy
Upper Rogue Physical Therapy 541-941-5170
Accurate Plumbing Solutions, Inc. No 541-773-3035
Advance Plumbing Co. Yes 541-878-2283
Artoff Plumbing, Inc. No 541-582-0853
Ashland Medford Plumbing No 541-734-3236
Barnes Plumbing No 541-245-1955
Chierichetti Plumbing, Inc./Mr. Rooter No 541-476-8216
Curtius Huntley Plumbing, Inc. No 541-857-8988
Drain Pros No 541-734-9000
Pool & Spa Companies
Adriane G Eek Pool & Spa Cleaning Yes 541-878-4335
Stan's Spa Repair Yes 541-840-0522
Professional Services
Carollo Engineers No 602-263-9500
Property Management
CPM Real Estate Services, Inc. No 541-773-6400
J & L Moore Property Management, LLC No 541-664-3187
R.F. Vaughn Realty, Inc. Yes 541-878-4809
Pump Services
Affordable Pump Service, INC Yes 541-878-0947
Desert Pump Co. No 541-826-3136
Granger's Pump Service Yes 541-878-2544
Hydro-Flow, Inc. No 541-772-4453
Rafting Companies
The Fishin' Hole Yes 541-878-4000
Raft Rite Rentals Yes 541-878-4005
Rapid Pleasure Raft Rental Yes 541-878-2500 or 541-878-2585
Raft the Rogue Raft Rentals 541-878-3623
Real Estate
R.F. Vaughn Realty, Inc. Yes 541-878-4809
Windermere-Marcia Ramsay-Coots (See the Virtual Tours) Yes 541-944-1757
Windermere Trails End Real Estate Yes 541-878-2249
Retail Sales
Crater Music Co. No 541-772-5445
Farmgirl Chick Yes 541-878-2542
Fun In The Sun Yes 541-890-4655
L & C Garden No 541-784-9263
O'Brien Enterprise, LLC Yes 541-821-7326
Oregon Flag & Pole Yes 541-878-3532
Solaris Sun Glass, LLC Yes 541-878-2212
Biando's Eggcellent BBQ Yes 541-821-3484
Hot Dog Heaven Yes 541-878-3299
Jeffro's Grill (located at the Shady Cove Market) Yes 541-951-8363
Ma's Chinese Restaurant Yes 541-878-3093
Mac's Diner Yes 541-878-7303
Miguel's II Yes 541-878-9435
Pizza at the Cove Yes 541-878-1474
Phil's Frosty Yes 541-878-2509
Rogue River Lodge No 541-878-2555
Shady Cove Subway Yes 541-878-3663
Shy's Café & Lounge Yes 541-878-2777
Rod Repair & Sales
Oregon Custom Rods Yes 541-878-3499
Roofing Companies
Evergreen Roofing, Inc. No 541-826-5869
Clearwater Technologies, LLC No 541-471-6226
Saw Shop
Lee's Saw Shop Yes 541-821-2420
Shady Cove Elementary School Yes 541-878-1400
Shady Cove Middle School Yes 541-878-1400
Second Hand/Thrift Stores
Resourcefully Recycled Yes 541-890-7380
Upper Rogue Community Center Thrift Shop Yes 541-878-4990
Service Stations
Chevron Mini Mart Yes 541-878-8555
Shady Cove Country Store Yes 541-878-2442
Upper Rogue 76 Yes 541-878-2740
Sign Shops
Signs Banners & More Yes 541-878-2800
Bary Kaiser Surveying No 541-878-3995
Faber & Sons, Inc. No 541-664-5599
Pariani Land Surveying Yes 541-890-1131
Tanning Salons
Taxi Service
Shady Trails Taxi Yes 541-621-5808
Tel Com Service
Linkus Enterprises No 530-229-9197
Tire Dealers Yes
Table Rock Tires Yes 541-878-4855
Transportation Companies
Crestline Transportation Yes 541-878-3467
GNS Transport, Inc. No 541-708-1071
Tree Services
Absolute Tree Care No 541-878-3369
Advanced Landscape Group No 541-621-9460
Truck Services
Lile International No 541-772-6278
Vacation Rentals
Cottage on the Rogue Yes 541-531-3586
Donald Maberry & Nancy Siqueros Yes 310-376-1145
Draper Rentals Yes 541-878-2139
Joyce Kreminski Yes 541-480-2291
Shady Cove Riverhouse Yes 925-683-7437
Water Delivery Services
Got Water Delivery Service, LLC No 541-826-4301
Website Developers
M & M Productions          Yes 541-951-6346
Well Drilling
Closuer Drilling, Inc. No 541-476-7795
Wholesale Distributors
Boyd Coffee Company No 503-907-2569
Canon Solutions America No N/A
Coca Cola Bottling Company No 541-773-5353
Columbia Distributing No 541-773-4641
Farmer Bros. Co. No 541-787-5234
Frito Lay, Inc. No 972-334-7000
Crater Lake Cellars Yes 541-878-4200